Mary Lee

Mary Lee has been a hair stylist for over 35 years. She has been the principle owner at Salon Incognito for over 33 years. She started in the back of her dads barber shop on Avenida Del Mar right next door to her current location in 1982. She soon realized she needed to expand and opened Salon Incognito catering to men ,women and children and specializing in corrective coloring, progressive cutting and styling. Since those days she has stayed on top of the industry consulting for many manufacturers and educators while still being in the salon and behind the chair full time. She takes pride in mentoring younger stylists and has helped several to open their own salons. Many of the clients she first started her days with are still regulars at the salon. Her history with San Clemente and the people of the town is well known. She takes great pride in being part of such a wonderful community.

Some of Mary Lee's work: